About TweenerMill™

TweenerMill™ tools are designed, manufactured and marketed right here in the USA. Our line of specialty tools is an innovation that “spans the gaps in the size and performance of standard-size end mills.” 


The Tweener Story


Sometimes a standard-size end mill simply is not the right size. 


One day a machine shop found itself in a dilemma. Their big engineering firm customer sent a drawing for a 1.5” per side part requiring a radius of 0.312” in the corner. 


Said the Machinist, “I can mill one side, turn it over and mill the other side with a 5/8 diameter end mill. Ah, but the engineering firm said “We want it cheap. Really cheap.”


The time required to load, indicate and machine, then remove, reload and reindicate and remachine the part would make the machine time too expensive. Hence, a Standard length end mill would be TOO SHORT.

So the Machinist had another thought, “Let me try a 0.625 diameter end mill x 2-1/4” LOC and 5” OAL.” But the ‘push-off’ was just too much. Hence, a greater overall length end mill than was necessary would just be TOO LONG. 


“Why doesn’t someone make an end mill between the standard sizes?” exclaimed Mike the Machinist. 


“We need a tweener between too short for my part that adds too much unnecessary time we can’t bill for because the customer wants it “Cheap…really cheap” and the too-long end mill that will push off!” 


Behold, the TweenerMill was born. But wait, there’s more. 


TweenerMill™ the Sequel


The TweenerMill Sequel is a service plan to sharpen and restore the TweenerMill to its awesome cutting capability. 


After hours and hours of use on Inconel, Hastelloy, Nitronic 60 and other alloys, the TweenerMill end mill was beginning to dull. Like standard-size end mills do. Our Machinist, the star of this story, asked, “What can be done to restore the TweenerMill™ to it’s awesome cutting power?” 


Unlike standard-size end mills, the Tweener has a longer length of cut (LOC) in relation to the overall length (OAL). 


Our Machinist was delighted to learn that TweenerMill end mills can be sharpened multiple times. The TweenerMill Sequel is a service plan to sharpen and restore the TweenerMill to its awesome cutting capability and leaves our Machinist with an end mill of standard size. 


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